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      Price starting at €115


  • Starting Price includes-one  hand tooled, hand painted carving, at your choice

  • Carving dimensions approx. 5cm x 5cm ( 2’’ x 2’’ ) 

  • Colors available are Vintage Brandy and Vintage Olive.

  • Can be customized to your caliber needs, NO extra charges

Bullet Pouch M Five

Crafted from high quality full grain leather, held together by sunk in contrasting stitching, The Bullet Pouch is perfect for any hunting enthusiast. Bullets are securely held in place by 3.2mm thick leather, whilst still being able to pull a round out with one hand. Holding holes will not wear out or loosen over time.

The pouch comes with one customizable hand tooled carving on the cover.

The Bullet Pouch can be ordered in Vintage Brandy and Vintage Olive


  • Full Grain vegetable tanned leather 

  • Thickness 3.2 mm (8-9 oz.) 

  • Overall Dimensions: 106mm x1 10mm x 30mm

  • Heavy duty brass hardware

  • Weatherproofed

  • Holds 5 bullets Magnum caliber (6.5x68/ .375Win/ .338 Win Mag/ 6.5-300/ Weatherby/ etc.)

This item is made to order.

Made to order items are shipped within 3-4 weeks, starting after money clearance.

Orders are done via the Contact Form

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