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      Price €130

  • Available colors: Black, Dark Brown

Leather Gordo Case

A timeless way to carry your cigars around, hand made specifically for Corona cigars. Length of the case is customizable. Constructed and formed from high quality weatherproofed, hardened vegetable leather. The pouch holds 2-4 cigars (36 ring gauge, 3 1/8in length) securely so that you can confidently light up a cigar anywhere without the risk of damaging them from travel.



  • Fits 2-4 Corona cigars

  • No sew

  • Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather 

  • Leather thickness 1.5 mm  (3-4oz.) 

  • Hardened Leather

  • Weatherproofed Leather Interior and Exterior

  • Sturdy Construction

This item is made to order.

Made to order items are shipped within 3-4 weeks, starting after money clearance.

Orders are done via the Contact Form

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