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Toscanello Leather Case

A timeless way to carry your cigars around, made specifically for toscanello cigars. Hand made and formed from high quality weatherproofed, hardened vegetable leather. The pouch holds 4 toscanello cigars securely so that you can confidently light up a cigar anywhere without the risk of damaging them.



  • Full Grain vegetable tanned leather 

  • No sew

  • Hardened Leather

  • Leather thickness 1.5 mm  (3-4oz.) 

  • Very sturdy

  • Weatherproofed leather interior and exterior

This item is made to order.

Made to order items are shipped within 3-4 weeks, starting after money clearance.

Orders are done via the Contact Form

      Price € 80

  • Available colors: Olive, Tan, Light Brown,Chestnut, Black, Red

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