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With things becoming more automated and modernized it’s easy to forget what started it all. I took it upon myself to keep alive a tradition that is slowly fading away, an object that is hand made to remind you of an older time, a simpler time, a time when things were made to last forever.
My name is Paul, I'm an outdoors man and a dedicated fly fisher from the heart of Transylvania and my story starts with me smoking a pipe and thinking how to define my concept. I wanted something focused around keeping the traditionalist spirit alive through useful hand-crafted leather products, but didn’t know where to start.
My first design was born from necessity. Not having a way to let my pipe rest sparked the idea of a pipe holder, an idea that branched out into cigar holders, traditional inspired original fly boxes and many other projects, which later evolved into the products presented on the website.
Each product expresses an idea, a thought, a feeling, a passion and behind them hides a lot of work, patience and dedication. All items are my own design, hand made from only quality natural materials and built around an imposing hand tooled and painted carving, these leather goods will surely send you back in time.

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